Unexpected Storage Expenses During a Move

April 16, 2020 by: Lisa Roberts

The process of moving is a stressful one. Having that many things to do and organize can be tiresome. There's so much that you need to achieve in such a short period of time that it's really easy to get overwhelmed. However, there are many different ways in which you can find advice that'll surely make things a lot more bearable. One of the most stressful factors of a move is how much money you'll spend. There's always a golden middle we're after. The goal is not to waste money, but to spend enough in order to have a good enough service. A good way to achieve this is by paying attention to some potential fields where you could lose money unknowingly.

Here are some unexpected storage rental expenses to look out for.

Do you truly need it?

One of the first and most obvious things to be on the lookout for is certainly whether you really need storage rental and the expenses that go with it. There could be many variables indicating that you are in need of storage.

  • There isn’t enough space
    Living in a small space and then having to move on top of that can be a nightmare. This can result in chaos and nervousness all throughout your move and is, therefore, a good reason to risk storage rental expenses.
  • You have small children
    Having a family with young children can be difficult in times like this. There are surely some things that cannot just lay on the floor with boxes since it would be unsafe for your kids.

Having children is a great reason for setting your belongings aside while moving. This will hugely contribute to the safety of your fragile items that would otherwise be sitting boxed on the floor.

Don't use it for everything that you own

One of the biggest mistakes people make that result in unexpected storage rental costs is using the space for everything they own before it's time to move. People think that if they're already going to do it, they might as well just go all out. This is the wrong approach since you most likely won't be needing that much space, and, if you were to need it, you could always just make that decision later. There are many exceptional tips on how to avoid cluttering your storage unit. This way, you'll be able to make enough space with what you've got.

Storage rental expenses can be much higher than you expect

Finding a reliable company to rent secure storage space from is almost as important as finding the right movers. These are the people that you'll have to cooperate with and make deals in the upcoming weeks or even months. Moving is not a homogenous activity and some things are bound to go wrong. At these times, you'll want someone who's flexible enough so that you can make arrangements easily.

A binding document

Try not to make the mistake of simply taking someone's word for it when it comes to a deal such as this one. When everything's clear from the start, there's no room for hard feelings and uncertainties.

Making a binding contract could save you from a lot of additional storage rental costs.

Using storage longer than you need to

Make sure not to make this mistake. Storage rental expenses are usually paid according to the unit size and time you will be occupying it. Many people start using storage space way before they actually need it. If you plan everything out in time, there's no need to worry.

Sometimes there are no guarantees

Unfortunately, accidents can happen even when you're really careful. You could make sure to pack breakables carefully and think that you've accounted for everything that could go wrong, but then have something surprise you anyway. Whether it is breaking something valuable or losing items during your move, you need to be prepared for it. 


A thing that's actually really smart to do is getting items insured. This could be a huge factor when it comes to avoiding rental storage expenses. Although it might seem a bit unnecessary and a waste of money at first – it truly is not. This is a highly recommended step, especially if you own valuable items that you cannot afford to break, misplace or lose.


Here are some tips that you can use to save yourself from potential unexpected storage rental fees.

  1. Find storage space near you
    You wouldn't believe how much money can be wasted on having to go across town simply because you didn't manage to find storage space near you. Make sure that this doesn't happen.
  2. Movers
    Let your trusty movers settle this portion of the move for you as well. This way, you'll be able to relax and let professionals handle your items with ease.
  3. Consider everything in advance
    A really good piece of advice is talking about all the questions you have in advance. Considering any sort of doubts or perplexities beforehand is a great head start you don't want to miss.


There are, as previously shown, many ways in which you could stumble upon unexpected storage rental expenses. Apart from looking at things that can go wrong, it's smart to turn things around and see what you can do to help your situation. Being ready for all scenarios and not fussing over mistakes is the winning combination of a successful storage rental experience.