Student Storage made easy!

As a college student you have lots on your mind during your spring semester, especially towards the end. If you are one of the many students who are not graduating that semester, you need to contend with moving out of your dorm or college apartment for the summer months. This is no easy task. Students don’t realize how much stuff they accumulated since they first moved in. Much of that stuff will be needed during the next school semester, so students wouldn’t want to discard or throw it away.


Store it Easy in a Self-Storage Unit

So if a student shouldn’t throw their stuff away, and it’s too much to bring home, what should they do with it all? Students can use “self-storage units near you” which offers a great and affordable option to store your belongings over the summer months. Self-storage makes is easy to store your stuff. Search online to find the most convenient storage facility nearby at a price you can afford. At you can even reserve your perfect storage unit online for free.


Storage Units Can Save Students Money

Self-storage units come in many different sizes and can fit any budget. Students pick the unit size that fits what is needed to store your stuff. Or pick a larger size and share the storage unit and costs with a fellow student. Self-storage units can be rented month to month and have no long-term contracts to sign. Rent only for the time you need, like the summer months between semesters. Store it easy in a storage unit and go home with a minimal amount of stuff, your mom will thank you!


Avoid the Headache of Moving

No matter whom you are or why you are moving, moving is always a headache. Campus Storage removes the headaches students face when moving out for summer or for a study abroad program. Part mover and part storage unit, Campus Storage offers both! Check if your university or college is one of the over 40 universities Campus Storage services.

Campus Storage, unique service offers students free pick up at your dorm or school apartment and re-delivery back to you once school resumes. Store your stuff easy: select from several free pick up dates that Campus Storage offers for your school. Order your packing kit if needed, and take your time packing your stuff. Campus Storage will even move some of your small furniture, just not large sofas or futons. Then on your free pick up date, a team of Campus Storage professional movers will come to you to get your stuff. They will even carry it down stairs for no additional fee. Then Campus Storage will safely store your stuff in one of their secure climate-controlled storage facilities. Once school resumes, Campus Storage will bring your stuff back to you at school. Let Campus Storage be your choice for storing your belongings over the summer or semester abroad. Student storage made easy!